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The Contingent Fitness Training
  • Fitness is the key to stay healthy; be it physically, mentally or emotionally. A fit person can achieve his dreams in a more meaningful manner than the unfit ones. To make the life journey easier and comfortable, one needs to take proper care of his physical health. However, it’s getting difficult day to day to maintain the fitness. One can blame this to overtight schedule, busy meeting timings, work load or other reasons. But this is the hard fact that in this electronic era, the faster the rate of development

  • Life is a journey and we all have to play our role here. Be it happiness, sorrow, difficult time, compromising situation, one has to sail through all that. The factor that affected most of all these circumstances is your health and fitness. To make yourself happy and content is the foremost responsibility of an individual. To maintain the body shape and health, one has to need expert guidance. The role of fitness trainer is most crucial in this aspect. Fitness is not just measuring the calories and exercise steps; it is more impactful

  • Living disease-free and fit is the greatest gift! By maintaining a healthy lifestyle and with regular fitness training, you can live a disease-free and healthier life. This is the reason why you often seek help from the personal trainers who come to us as a fitness guru, suggesting good exercises and helping us train by practicing the exercises and doing yoga. Hire a fitness trainer who is also comfortable training you remotely to keep you fit and fabulous!  Download a heart rate exercise app to increase your fitness and stay away from several health hazards from obesity to diabetes, heart diseases, and so on.  Let’s have

  • The 21st century belongs to technological advancements in the field of science and engineering. We are really fortunate to witness the exponential growth in this era. But this haste affected our health so badly that we got so much adverse effects on our body. The present generation is the most stressful ones across the globe. Overall mental peace and physical fitness level is dropping down drastically from the last decade. So, the need of fitness and wellness in most valued in this testing times. Keeping in regard with the long working hours,

  • No one can deny the importance of fitness in today’s era. Health is the most important factor in the life of an individual. All the aspirations, dreams, hard work, success are directly linked to sound mind and healthy lifestyle. In the corporate world, fitness is the key to climb the success ladder effortlessly. To understand well the importance of health and fitness, several companies introduce the concept of corporate fitness training program. The corporate wellness program is designed to increase the productivity among the employees and thus the business grows to many folds.

  • “Corporate fitness” is not just only a buzzword in this 21st century, but people are getting highly benefited from these fitness sessions. From IT offices to banking sectors, many offices have come forward to contribute their funds to different corporate fitness programs to maintain the fitness of the employers.  The strategically designed fitness programs are not only helping the employees to relax and stress down but the heart rate monitor for working out also reduces their weight by enhancing metabolism, highly necessary to keep the heart stable. The corporate fitness instructors are trained and many of them are licensed. Hence, while hiring these trainers, the office oversees every

  • Try CFT for 14 days. No payment information required, until your trial expires. Contact us and you will receive a code to enter via register page. Fitbit or Garmin required. Thank you for viewing. Start Free Trial

  • Are you looking for guidance to become healthy? CFT can help.You will need a Fitbit or Garmin fitness tracker. Just apply your favorite methods of exercise or that you can at least tolerate.75 minutes of moderate and vigorous heart rate zone training per week.Persistency early on until a behavioral change occurs. Usually this occurs within 2 to 4 weeks of dedication. You will know when this occurs. You will begin to feel guilty when or if you miss a workout.300 minutes of moderate and vigorous heart rate zone time per

  • Having a fit mind, body, and soul is the primary aim of any individual in the present times when the several hours of work pressure, balancing personal life and work and other health hazards are becoming challenging for many of you. However, the technological advancement in the field of fitness training industry has become a boon for those with a busy schedule and tough to attend the gym daily. By hiring a remote fitness trainer, resolving this issue is possible as this trainer will work as your personal trainer and will be online by the given time to